Competition Detail
Competition Code2022034
DateMarch 20, 2022
OrganizerON012 - South Nation Archery Club
PlaceWinchester, ON Canada
NameSNAC 2022 MICA Event
OptionsRegister for World & Canadian Records - MICA Site
NotesDue to our limited shooting area, we require all participants to present a COVID-19 vaccine passport. Masks will be worn except when on the shooting line.
Pre-registration is compulsory. Contact Kathleen Millar to hold your spot.

Approved by Zoe 2021-12-04
Competition ResultsDivision/Class rank Division/Class rank
Division/Class Team rank Division/Class Team rank
Final rank Qualification rank Archer Club Total Golds X/Nines
Compound Cadet Men
1 1 Fawcett Quintin ON9 Ontario Association of Archers558 19 40
Compound Master Men
1 1 Smith Larry E. ON9 Ontario Association of Archers543 10 43
Recurve Junior Men
1 1 Thananchyan Durvishan ON9 Ontario Association of Archers508 9 24
Recurve Men
1 1 Last Garnett ON9 Ontario Association of Archers463 10 14
Recurve Master Men
1 1 Bryson Shane D. ON9 Ontario Association of Archers484 13 16
2 2 Kerr Robert ON9 Ontario Association of Archers452 5 13
Recurve Women
2 2 Siedule Connie ON9 Ontario Association of Archers420 4 10